Everything you need to be prepared for the Arizona Mid-Terms in one place.

1: Me and my ballot

Write down the numbers for your congressional, legislative, and supervisory districts.

Make sure your voting address is current and sign up for early mail-in voting.

You must register by October 9th.

2: My candidates

Review candidates on a selection of non-partisan pages:

Official profiles of all candidates (Primary version, lots of scrolling)

Take a quiz and see how your candidates match

Compare your candidates side-by-side.

Generate a personalized sample ballot and dive in.

3: My voting options

Vote by Mail (Oct 11th - 31st)

Request a mail-in ballot

Vote early in person (Oct 29 - Nov 2)

4: My voting plan

People are busy!  Get reminders for important dates by signing up for the following events on Facebook:

5: Share with friends

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