Michelle Concedes LD13 State Senate Race

This morning, Michelle Harris, Democratic candidate for State Senate in LD13 called her opponent, Sine Kerr, and congratulated her on her win.

Speaking about the race, Michelle said, “I’m proud of the campaign we ran and that we were able to keep it focused on the issues that are important to Arizonans.  And I’m incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers and supporters that made this possible.  I’m going to continue advocating on these issues and make sure those we elected don’t lose sight of the work we need them to do.  I’m hopeful this is the start of an era of more engaged leadership in the state.”

The final counts are still coming in, but we believe we moved the needle significantly over previous races.  We’ve built an organization and team in the district that will be the foundation of challenging races in 2020 and beyond.  It’s important to Arizona that we continue the discourse that was started here.  

For more information, contact the campaign by calling (480) 749-3256 or emailing outreach@harrisforarizona.com 

Michelle Harris