Michelle’s campaign is endorsed or recommended by the following organizations:

We must ensure our government institutions  are accountable to the voters of Arizona.

  • We need to prohibit public officials, their families, or their businesses from profiting from their work in government

  • We need enforcable standards of personal conduct among public officials which carry consequences.

  • We need methods of government oversight that do not rest solely in the hands and at the discretion of the majority.

  • We must preserve, protect, and strengthen the ability of voters to drive direct policy through voter initiatives

  • We need to require the disclosure of campaign contributors to their source. Further, we must preserve, protect, and strengthen the Clean Elections program.

  • We need to require the disclosure of the origins of legislation provided to legislators through outside parties.

  • We must rescind the vote for an Article 5 Convention

  • We must oppose and inoculate against initiatives that are implicitly or explicitly designed to disempower the direct democratic power of voters (e.g. direct appointment of US Senators by the legislature)

  • We must preserve, protect, and strengthen the Independent Redistricting Commission as a bulwark against partisan gerrymandering and power-grabs.

We must treat our public school systems as critical infrastructure, and mandate fully funding every single public school in Arizona.

  • We must aggressively pursue strategies that grow teacher pay to the national median over the next 10 years

  • We must respect the Arizona Constitution, recognize the essential part higher education plays in supporting a 21st century economy, and ensure that community college tuition is accessible for low-income students, and that the curriculum is focused on turning out graduates for in-demand growth fields.

  • The safety of our students while in public hands is paramount. But we cannot rely on one-size-fits all solutions that are not supported by facts and data. School boards should be empowered and funded, but not mandated, to employ the right combination of safety measures for the environment. Teachers must not be forced to bear the burden of functions that are reserved for law enforcement and public safety professionals.

  • Arizona already permits parents to select the public school of their choice, in any district, that best suits the needs of their child. Private and religious schools should not be funded with public money and must not be allowed to divert funds from the public education system. For-profit schools must not be provided public funds. Any school that receives public funds must be held to the same standards of performance, qualifications, conflicts of interest, and financial transparency associated with any public entity.

  • School boards should be adhering to a uniform set of standards and expectations, but should be empowered to be flexible and innovative in how they achieve success. Standardized testing should evaluate schools, not students

We must pursue economic policy that promotes business, but not at the expense of Arizona voters.

  • We must protect the viability of Arizona's economy by reducing and / or eliminating excessive corporate tax gifts, which hobble our ability to collect revenue for the state

  • We need a robust, diversified, and recession-proof economy that can withstand the next financial bubble

  • We must address the issue of financial security among Arizonans by promoting policies that improve wages and incentivize saving and retirement planning.

  • We must acknowledge that a balanced budget which only moves downward is a risk to the prosperity and safety of Arizona and Arizonans and empower government to raise revenue when the budget demands.

  • We must keep our promises to our public sector employees and ensure that their pensions and benefits are fully funded and guaranteed.

  • Arizona is in a unique position to lead the way in developing and promoting the industries and economic backbone that will drive prosperity in the new economy.

We must act to preserve and promote affordable and accessible health care for all Arizonans.

  • We have been at war for 17 years. We must increase veterans’ access to care, improve its timeliness and quality, while recognizing that veteran care is often specialized and requires dedicated and unique approaches that can’t always be found in the civilian healthcare system.

  • We need adequate funding flows to support health care facilities and practitioners across the state, including in rural and outlying areas.

  • We must ensure that women’s health care and reproductive care services remain affordable, accessible, and safe. And we must promote and enable women’s access to birth control, cost-free if at all possible.

  • We must provide readily accessible and low-cost mental health and counseling services throughout the state for any who need them, regardless of other health insurance programs and coverages. Mental health care must be thought of as a primary source of support and intervention.

  • We must recognize drug addiction as a public health issue and not a criminal one. We must separate, in our policy and our minds, the criminal acts of those who are addicted from the addiction itself and implement policy that reflects the distinction. Treatment-centric approaches are shown to be more effective in treating both the addiction and reducing drug-related crime.

  • Arizona must continue to consult the public to make the determination for the right time to decriminalize marijuana an incorporate marijuana sales into the legitimate economic framework of the state.

  • Corporate operators, from the manufacturers to distributors to for-profit clinics are abusing the healthcare system by flooding our homes and streets with powerful, highly addictive drugs. We must enact policies that provide oversight and penalties for such abuse.

We must face the unique challenges of living in a state of extreme heat and limited water, and rise to them. 

  • We don’t have to debate climate change here. Arizona is a place of extreme climates and austere resources. As such, it is in a prime position to become a world leader in building a new-century economy that is based on and incentivizes sustainable technologies and business practices that can form the template for the nation.

  • Arizona must rigorously and continuously protect and manage finite water resources by pursuing policies and rate design practices that maximize and incentivize conservation and reuse, and preserve the needed access to our agricultural industry.

  • We must maximize the role of effluent, gray water, and other innovations in a comprehensive water management strategy.

  • We must uphold and strengthen the 100-year water availability rules for development.

  • Arizona must pursue and promote policies that incentivize an agile, scalable, and sustainable energy grid and rate design that doesn’t depend on increasing consumption to remain profitable.

  • Arizona’s public lands are our birthright, and we must work to protect and preserve them. Companies that use or profit from activities on public lands must be accountable for their impact (short-term, long-term, and overall risk) on those lands.

We must face that we have not lived up to the aspirations set forth in the Constitution when it comes to civil rights and justice, and work tirelessly to address those shortcomings. 

  • Every person in Arizona deserves equal dignity, opportunity, and justice as they are welcomed and able to participate fully in every aspect of civil society. Period.

  • We must recognize that we are a nation of people as well as of laws, and that over-criminalization and an enforcement-centered mindset has limited our options, prevented solutions from being explored, and made us less safe. Our communities require public intervention services that lead over enforcement and punitive measures.

  • We must empower judges to administer justice in the context of the perpetrator and the circumstances, and allow them the discretion of their position. Mandatory minimums are antithetical to the role of a judge.

  • Our police departments have been put in an untennable position. They have been over-empowered and over-directed to keep order through the application of force and the deprival of personal liberty. Police departments must be re-framed to become partners in the community, built from within the community, accountable to the community, and partnered with intervention resources that have other means to address and deescalate problems before they become critical.

  • The transformation of our prison system into a for-profit industry is immoral and contrary to the values of American society. Nobody should ever be incentivized to incarcerate more people, just to fill beds. Public safety and the administration of the justice system is a public duty and should remain solely in the public domain.

  • We must take measures to ensure that guns are not funneled to untrained, unsafe, criminal, or mentally incapable hands. We should further strive to find data-driven insights that will lead to the greatest safety with the least infringement on liberties. We must empower and require our public safety and welfare agencies to restrict access to firearms when appropriate