If you've been thinking "I should get involved," you've come to the right place.  No matter your schedule, experience, or abilities, you can be a part of helping win this important election.


I'm a "newbie"

  • Sign up for our email list (we won't share your email with anyone, ever.  Promise.)
  • Follow, share and promote campaign posts on social media
  • Help write postcards to voters (we supply the postcards and stamps)
  • Arrange a meet-up near you

Next Level:

Attend a "campaign basics" learning session.  We will schedule these as demand requires.


I'm an "activist"

  • Sign up to volunteer as a canvasser
  • Write editorials on issues that align to Michelle's positions
  • Connect us with your group, club, or cause
  • Register voters

Next Level:

Learn to lead a canvass.  We will schedule these as demand requires. 

"Why can't I donate on your page?"

Michelle is a Clean Elections candidate.  That means her campaign is publicly funded by the taxpayers, not PACs or corporations and their lobbyists.  So you can be sure she is working for you and not for them. This campaign is powered by the people.  


I'm "all in"

  • Become a Neighborhood Team Leader & learn how to turn out your community
  • Host and organize a campaign event.

How will you help?

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